Frequently Asked questions

Q. Does your club offer lessons?     
A. No, our club does not offer lessons.
Q. How do I sign up for your club?   
A. We hold a registration day in early May (usually the first Saturday in May) at which time you can come to the courts and sign up.  Just bring a completed application form and a cheque or cash for the fee.  Check the website in late April for the latest up-to-date information.
Q. When do your programs start?     
A. As we are a seasonal club, our executive meet in mid-April to set the schedule for the season.  The website is updated following this meeting.  Once registration has occurred, program coordinators set the starting time for the program based on the weather.  Most programs start mid-May.
Q. Do you offer any programs for kids?   
A. We don’t have any lessons or programs specifically designed for children.  The Town of Wasaga Beach has children’s tennis lessons listed in their Recreation Guide.
Q. I’m new to Wasaga Beach and would like to get information on your club.  What can you tell me?     
A. Our club is open to players of all ability levels.  We have programs both during the day and in the evenings.  (Please check the program descriptions on the website for details of each of the programs.)  If you are unsure if a program would be suitable for you, it is recommended that you come to the courts during the registration day and someone will advise you on the appropriate programs for you.
Q. How much is the membership fee to join the Lamont Creek Tennis Club
A. Membership is $35.00 for the season May through September.  The fee allows you to participate in all club programs.
Q. I cannot get signed up for an event using the google sheets.
A. Some users will need to download the Google Sheets application.  The app is available in the Apple App Store, or the Google App Store.
Q. How do I signup to play in one of the programs offered by LC tennis club.
A.  After registration day, send signup inquiries to  NOTE: Some programs require a weekly signup!
Q. My device is not showing the latest version of the spreadsheet.
A. Phone and tablets will cache webpages in order to speed up their load time.  When viewing the spreadsheets on a mobile device, refresh the page each time to ensure you are seeing the latest information.
Still have questions?  Please contact us at
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