Tennis Ladder

TIME – Wednesday afternoons 12:00 – 5:00

Once on the ladder, it is assumed that you will be playing the next round.  If you are unable to play, it is “Your Responsibility” to get a substitute.

The Ladder is a semi-competitive game that is open to all skill levels – each player is grouped with three other members of a similar skill level.

Rules of Play

Total play time of 1-1/2 hours with one week increments. Play will be 3-30 minute sessions – you play everyone in your group the same day, 1 game equals 1 point, a set consists of a maximum of 8 points for 1 team or total score after 30 minutes, whichever comes first, (once 1 team gets 8 points, the set is over regardless of any time left) . After 30 minutes, record scores and switch partners. Points are accumulated per player with the top scorer moving up a group and the bottom scorer moving down a group.


Please be on time as it affects the next group coming onto the courts. One player each week should bring a new set of balls for play.  On rain out days – the entire schedule will be moved forward one week, if only some groups are cancelled by weather, those groups should make up the game at a mutually agreeable time and date.

All games and scores must be completed and reported by Saturday so that the next week’s schedule can be made. If a player needs a substitute, please try to choose someone with a similar level of ability. Players cannot move up levels or within their group based on the performance of a substitute, if a sub has the highest score, the player with the second highest score will move up to the next level

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