House League

The house league is a fun, competitive program   made up two mixed doubles teams. Each team has up to 12 players.

The schedule is preset so that each team will play 6 matches over three time slots each week.

At the completion of each eight week session, players will be reorganized and added to ( if necessary) to make new teams.

Coordinator: Ellen Brown

Lamont Creek House League

First session

*The House league is made up of TWO mixed doubles teams.

*There are 8 players on each team for the first session. 

*The teams have been pre-selected by 2 captains. 

*The schedule is set so that each team will play 4 matches over the 2 time slots alloted to us on Tuesday mornings.

*At the completion of the first 8 week session (May 23-July 11), players will be re-organized and added (if necessary) to make new teams for the second session.  Up to a maximum of 24 players.

Rules of Play:

1.) On Tuesday morning, every player will be teamed up to play a doubles match starting at 9:00 am or 10:30

* please arrive early so that your matches start on time.

2.) Each match is timed ie.  9:00-9:05      5 minute warm up         10:30-10:35

                                                  9:05-9:45      40 minute set                 10:35-11:15

                                                  9:45-9:50      5 minute break               11:15-11:20

                                                 9:50-10:30    40 minute set                  11:20-12:00

3.) Your team Captain will inform each player via email of your playing partner and time slot to play prior to the day of play.

4.) Deuce points will be played out.

5.) At the 40 minute mark, the set is over!  Mark a W or L or Tie on the score sheet for each set played.

6.) At the completion of all play each Tuesday ,the league coordinator will assign the points earned by

 the teams according to the W, L or Ties.

7.) Session 1- May 23-July 11 Inclusive.  Please mark your personal calendars and make sure you can commit to each Tuesday morning.  IF you are not able to play on a Tuesday, please let your Captain know ASAP, so they can secure a spare for you.  There are a limited number of spares on our list this session and they need to know when they will play.

IF you default, it is marked as a loss of your match and this effects your whole team. 

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