Singles Tennis Ladder

The Ladder is a semi-competitive game that is open to men and women of all skill levels – each player is grouped with 2 or more other members of a similar skill level.


Rules of Play

The ladder is played in two week increments with each group having minimum of 3 members.

A match consists of 2 shortened sets (first to 4 games, winning by 2).  Each set consists of no-add scored games (switch sides on odd games as usual).  If a game goes to deuce, the receiver chooses which side (either deuce or add) to receive on.  If the set ends at a score of 4 – 4, play a regular 7-point tie-break.  In the event that players each win one set, a deciding 7-point tie-break must be played. It is the responsibility of the winner to record the scores on the online scorecard.


Players must arrange their own matches using the contact information provided. You play each person in your group once within the two-week period of the posted ladder. At the end of each period, scores will be reviewed to determine the new ladder positions. The player with the top score moves up a group and the bottom scorer moves down a group.

You can play at any tennis court of your choice. If you are planning on playing at our courts, please keep in mind the time slots already reserved for other Lamont Creek Tennis Club programs.  (At the present time, Monday and Friday mornings from 9:00 am – 12:00 pm is available for singles play.)  If you are using the LC tennis courts make a note on the scorecard spreadsheet to let all the other players know the court/time and date.

This program will run for 6 weeks followed by a 2-week break.  After the break, a second 6-week period will begin.

Players should bring a set of new or gently used balls for play.

No player substitutions or spares allowed.

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